Amtgard Resources

Amtgard is entirely run by volunteers who have done a lot of work to pass their knowledge down to others looking to get involved. Below you can find links to our rules and bylaws as well as resources for making gear and interacting with the larger Amtgard community. If you don't find what you're looking for here, please reach out to one of the Facebook groups and ask.

Amtgard Rules of Play

The latest version of the Amtgard Rules of Play can always be found on

Empire of the Iron Mountains Corpora

Each Amtgard kingdom has a set of bylaws that indicate how the kingdom should operate known as a corpora. The Empire of the Iron Mountains Corpora covers items like officer responsibilities, elections, awards, and events.

Online Record Keeper (ORK)

The Online Record Keeper allows you to find information about your credits, awards, and groups.


The Amtgard Ombudsman program is a small team of volunteers who act as mediators for local, kingdom, and inter-kingdom conflict. If you’re struggling with another player, your local monarch and kingdom monarch are great resources. If they can’t help you or you don’t know where to go, the Ombudsman can help. They have a strict confidentiality policy and can help players communicate and resolve conflicts effectively. You can contact the ombudsman at ( or on their Facebook page.


The Amtwiki is a resource for information about players, groups, kingdoms, and stories from Amtgard's history.

Social Media

The Empire of the Iron Mountains and each of our parks maintain Facebook groups which are the easiest ways to get information and meet other members.

There are also a number of groups for discussing game-wide topics.

Guides and Other Resources