The Empire of the Iron Mountains is a kingdom of Amtgard, primarily based on Colorado with parks also in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Minnesota. Please visit our Forums or check out the Join Amtgard section.

An Elder Scrolls Rakis: June 11-15, 2014

Rakis is Colorado’s premier Amtgard event hosted each year by the Empire of the Iron Mountains. This year we’ll be incorporating elements from the Elder Scrolls games, including the recently released Elder Scrolls Online. During the day you’ll be able to play in creative battlegames, eat delicious feasts, show off your A&S skills in our yearly Best of the Best tournament, and armchair referee Jugging to your hearts content. As everyone knows, after the show it’s the after party (and after the party, it’s the hotel lobby for our friends that prefer not to camp). Enjoy some great company and festivities once the sun goes down, and maybe undertake a clandestine mission from the Dark Brotherhood while you’re at it.

This year, Rakis will be held June 11th – 15th in Byers, CO (the same site we used last year). Please join our Facebook event to make sure you’re always informed of the latest updates and visit rakis.amtgard.com for event details and prepay.

Emperor Azrael’s Reign Calendar

Feb 8, 2014 – Steel Forge: Imperial visit day
Feb 15, 2014 – Dark Moon: Imperial visit day
Mar 1, 2014 – Iron Mountain Barony: Imperial visit day
Mar 16, 2014 – Weapon Master/Dragon Master of the IM in Northern Holdfast
Mar 30, 2014 – IM Mid-reign in Crimson Dawn
Apr 6, 2014 – Grey Lantern: Imperial visit day
Apr 26, 2014 – Crown Quals in – Iron Mountain Barony
May 3, 2014 – Flatiron Fortress: Imperial visit day

New Denver Park Location

The Barony of the Iron Mountains (Denver) has moved to a new park. We now play on the east side of Berkeley Park, which is a bit north and west of our previous location. Here’s a map!