The Empire of the Iron Mountains is a kingdom of Amtgard, primarily based on Colorado with parks also in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Minnesota. Please visit our Forums or check out the Join Amtgard section.

Battle Game Competition

As the theme for this reign is Board Games, we want you all to go back in your past (to your childhood, or to last Thursday, whichever is more appropriate) and pull out your favorite board games to use as inspiration for some of the most awesome battlegames you’ve ever played! Board games can provide excellent inspiration for Amtgard, and can draw people into the battlegames in fun and quirky ways that can help mix things up and keep things exciting.

More info in the forums. Submit your battlegames now!

IM Catan

This reign we’re going to try something new, concurrent with the theme. Steel Forge, Grey Lantern, Crimson Dawn, Darkmoon, Northern Holdfast, and the Iron Mountains will be playing a board game set to start in two weeks and end shortly before Rakis. Each week when you attend your park, you will earn resources based on the class you sign in as. Your park’s General will use those resources to conquer new territory on the board which can then serve as a base for erecting great towers and castles to secure your land’s victory. While there will be enough prizes for all 6 parks, those that play the game the best will have first choice.

Check out the forums for more info!

Emperor Korderellin’s Reign Calendar

January 31: Darkmoon Midreign/Bardic Competition/ Imperial Game Day

February 7: Iron Mountains (IMD) Midreign – Imperial Game Day
February 8: Rivermoor Principality Weaponmaster/Dragonmaster
February 21: Grey Lantern Champion’s Tournament

March 1: Imperial Workshop – Northern Holdfast
March 7: Rivermoor Quals Tournament
March 14: Darkmoon’s St. Jameson’s Day Event
March 15: Crimson Dawn Midreign
March 29: Imperial Weaponmaster/Dragonmaster – Northern Holdfast

April 4: Steel Forge Imperial Game Day
April 11: Imperial Midreign – Crimson Dawn (SATURDAY EVENT)
April 18: Darkmoon Crown Qualifications Tournament
April 25: Grey Lantern Weaponmaster/Dragonmaster/ Imperial Game Day
April 26: Northern Holdfast Midreign/Imperial Game Day

May 1: Gray Lantern Baking Class
May 2: Darkmoon’s Passing of the Blade (Coronation)
May 2: Rivermoor Principality Coronation
May 9: Imperial Crown Qualifications Tournament – Iron Mountains
May 16: Rivermoor Spring Trials
May 22-24: Crimson Dawn’s Crimson Thaw Camping Event

June 6-7: Rakis Site Prep Weekend
June 10-14: RAKIS