The Empire of the Iron Mountains is a well established kingdom within Amtgard, primarily based on Colorado with parks also in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Minnesota. Please visit our Forums or check out the Join Amtgard section.

Welcome Wyldewind Bridge!

The Empire would like to welcome our newest park, Wyldewind Bridge. They are located in Iowa City, IA and are part of the Principality of Rivermoor.

Semi-new Monarchy!

Hey guys, Grix here. You elected me again, so I’m around for another 6 months. Joining me this reign are Princess Locks and Champion Kord. I’m excited for round two and I hope we can continue to make the Iron Mountains as enjoyable as possible for everyone. Stay tuned for a reign calendar.

New Crown Lands Park

The Crown Lands of the Iron Mountains (Denver) has moved to a new park. We now play on the east side of Berkeley Park, which is a bit north and west of our previous location. Here’s a map!

New Site

Welcome to the new Iron Mountains site, I hope it’s useful to you and fosters better communication throughout the Empire. If you notice any problems or have suggestions, please feel free to post on the forums.
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