The Empire of the Iron Mountains is a kingdom of Amtgard, primarily based on Colorado with parks also in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Minnesota. Please visit our Forums or check out the Join Amtgard section.

Game of Thrones Reign Theme Contest

Here’s how this competition is going to work. All players will be divided into houses and earn points for their house. The house with the most points will win the Game of Thrones. Points will be primarily earned for traveling to Imperial days (3pt per player from visiting parks, 1pt per player for hosting parks). There will also be points earned from the Imperial battlegames and quests and those that score in the Imperial Weapon Master/Dragon Master and Imperial Crown Qualifications.

Another way to earn points for your house! If you make themed items you will get points for your house! It will be a scale from 1-3! Smaller items get 1 (like a belt favor), large awesome items get 3 (badass tunic, Valyrian steel greatsword). How do you go about earning these points? Make the item, then post a picture(s) to the Imperial Facebook group and BAM points!

House membership can viewed here, while the current house point totals are posted here.

Emperor Agustus’s Reign Calendar

July 13: Imperial visit to Northern Holdfast
July 26-27: Gathering of the Clans in New Mexico

August 2: Workshop day at Denver
August 17: Imperial Weapon Master and Dragon Master at Northern Holdfast
August 23-24: Summer Trials in Rivermoor
August 30-31: Sword Knight Boot Camp in Utah

September 13: Imperial Midreign & Darkmoon Coronation
September 20-21: Keep on the Borderlands in Illinois
September 26-28: Stock of Westeros

October 18: Imperial Visit to Steel Forge
October 26: Imperial Visit to Grey Lantern

November 2: Imperial visit to Crimson Dawn
November 15: Imperial Crown Quals in Darkmoon

December 13-14: Endreign – location TBA