Emperor Korderellin’s Reign Calendar

January 31: Darkmoon Midreign/Bardic Competition/ Imperial Game Day

February 7: Iron Mountains (IMD) Midreign – Imperial Game Day
February 8: Rivermoor Principality Weaponmaster/Dragonmaster
February 21: Grey Lantern Champion’s Tournament

March 1: Imperial Workshop – Northern Holdfast
March 7: Rivermoor Quals Tournament
March 14: Darkmoon’s St. Jameson’s Day Event
March 15: Crimson Dawn Midreign
March 29: Imperial Weaponmaster/Dragonmaster – Northern Holdfast

April 4: Steel Forge Imperial Game Day
April 11: Imperial Midreign – Crimson Dawn (SATURDAY EVENT)
April 18: Darkmoon Crown Qualifications Tournament
April 25: Grey Lantern Weaponmaster/Dragonmaster/ Imperial Game Day
April 26: Northern Holdfast Midreign/Imperial Game Day

May 1: Gray Lantern Baking Class
May 2: Darkmoon’s Passing of the Blade (Coronation)
May 2: Rivermoor Principality Coronation
May 9: Imperial Crown Qualifications Tournament – Iron Mountains
May 16: Rivermoor Spring Trials
May 22-24: Crimson Dawn’s Crimson Thaw Camping Event

June 6-7: Rakis Site Prep Weekend
June 10-14: RAKIS